About Powerhouse MMA Academy

The Powerhouse MMA Academy is Premium Classes with World Class Instruction led by 9th Degree Black Belt Greg Escolta, together with Brazialian Ju Jitsu World Champion Pedro Baumfeld.

We have training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ), Kids MMA/Taekwondo, and Women’s Self Defense Empowerment. Pick your favorite. Space is limited to available spots. All classes are 12 months programs of fun, skill, and empowerment including strength development, flexibility, mobility, skill, live sparring, confidence building, friendship and team building. Our youngest students are 5 yrs old, our oldest student is 75 yrs old. Come be apart of something great. See front desk for prices.


Mon, Wed, Fri at 5pm: Kids MMA /BJJ
Mon, Wed, Fri at 6pm: Adult MMA/BJJ
Mon, Wed, Fri at 7pm: Adult MMA/BJJ

Tues & Thurs at 5pm: Kids Taekwondo
Tues & Thurs at 6pm: Women’s Self Defense

Sat at 11am: Kids Taekwondo/MMA

women kicking a man with self defense

Women’s Self Defense

Learn self defense strategies as well as techniques to overcome and submit any attack, and from all directions!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) a grappling sport, is a science of using angles, and leverage, you will learn cutting edge ground fighting techniques to be used on the mat or self defense.
men practicing mixed martial arts in a class

Adult MMA

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is all stand up and ground techniques including Karate, Taekwondo, kickboxing, wrestling, judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These techniques will make you not only confident and skilled in MMA but also in shape beyond your previous limitations.
Kids and Instructor for MMA class

Kids MMA

Kids as young as 5 yrs old and as old as 17 will learn everything a parent would want their child to learn from a sport. Team work, hard work, how to win, how to dig deep, respect, positive attitude, discipline and determination.

Free Parking

As a member of Powerhouse Gym Elite Redwood City, enjoy 90-minutes of free parking in all city lots. With plenty of spaces adjacent to the building and across the street, you'll never have to circle for a spot!

Member Satisfaction

You are the #1 priority at Powerhouse Gym Elite Redwood City, and our staff gives 100% to every member. We believe in providing you with the tools you need to accomplish your workout, every day!

Dedicated Trainers

Our trainers are on the cutting edge of fitness, and it's our mission to share our experience and expertise with you! We are dedicated to helping every member achieve health and wellness.

Elite Environment

Our full service gym offers cutting-edge equipment, qualified trainers, and spa-like amenities for members to enjoy. Our elite services are dedicated to education, energy, and enthusiasm!
Monday 05:00am - 11:59pm
Tuesday 05:00am - 11:59pm
Wednesday05:00am - 11:59pm
Thurday05:00am - 11:59pm
Friday05:00am - 11:00pm
Saturday07:00am - 08:00pm
Sunday07:00am - 08:00pm